Hayman Protein Skimmer | Best Protein Skimmer For Reef Aquariums Australia
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Hayman Skimmer

This range pioneers in its product category under the Dalua Australia brand of products for aquariums. Understanding the importance of quality, we only stock the best of the best. Each product has been rigorously tested in the toughest tank conditions, and these protein skimmers by Hayman are nothing short of exceptional.

Sturdy skimmers for easy protein and waste particle removal

These skimmers are manufactured using incredibly heavy-duty acrylic to ensure longevity, and all come equipped with the Italian-made Eden pumps which are absolutely bulletproof. As for skimming power, there is nothing like it. Millions of tiny bubbles are produced every second, holding huge amounts of proteins and tank gunk that are easily captured and removed in the extra-large collection chamber. To top it all off, you can feel secure that it’s all backed by the first-class customer service and post-sales assistance offered at Dalua Australia. Your tank will never feel cleaner and your fish and coral never happier.

Each model includes:

    • Eden pumps included
    • Adjustable pressure valve
    • Made from ultra-high quality acrylic
    • Produces millions of tiny bubbles
    • Steady, consistent bubbles for max protein removal
    • Adjustment valve for precise water pressure
    • Needle wheel style skimming
    • Large and easy to remove cup for cleaning


Got a question about a skimmer or one of our other available products?

Our product range also includes Hayman reactors in three sizes, plus a lot more, all at great prices. For any additional information required, phone 0406 111 223, or use our online contact form and we’ll respond hastily.

Unit Price :

  • Hayman 850
    Footprint 260mm x 180mm x 640mm
    Tank filtration 100-850 litres (heavy load-light load)
    Includes x1 55W Italian made Eden pumps
  • Hayman 2000
    Footprint 220mm x 240mm x 595mm
    Tank filtration 300-2,000 litres (heavy load-light load)
    Includes x2 55W Italian made Eden pumps
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