Coral Essentials Other Traces
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Coral Essentials Other Traces

The staple in any healthy coral environment is a daily dose of Coral Essentials Traces A, B and C. It is perfectly formulated and easily measured so you can give your corals the best chance of up taking all of their essential trace needs. All traces A, B and C used together offer a totally balanced level of strontium, barium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, cobalt, nickel, potassium iodide and sodium fluoride.

Used together daily will give the corals in your aquarium the best chance of improving their colours, polyp extension and uptake of the main elements more efficiently. Please also look into the Black Label range of Coral Essentials products for the next level of juicing up your corals even more.

Unit Price :

  • Bacteria Food
    Concentrated formula of acetic acids and sucrose
    Promotes nitrifying bacteria growth which aids in organic waste removal
    50ml size
  • Bio Clean
    Solution of clay compounds
    Insoluble inorganic binder improving skimmer function
    Keeps your aquarium crystal clean and minimises organic load
    50ml size
  • Boron
    Concentrated Boron solution 50,000ppm.
    Natural sea water 4-5ppm
    Helps in the formation of coral skeleton
    Slightly assists as a PH buffer
    50ml size
  • Bromide
    Concentrated Bromide solution 50,000ppm.
    Natural sea water 65ppm of bromine
    50ml size
  • Fluoride
    Concentrated fluoride solution 30,000ppm.
    Enhances the blue and violet colourations
    Regulation of zooxanthellae
    Aids in coral calcification
    50ml size
  • FW Dip
    Removes Flatworm from SPS coral
    Blend of tea tree oil and isopropyl alcohol
    50ml size
  • Iodine
    Concentrated iodine solution of 10,000ppm.
    Helps also in the blue colouration of corals
    Essential for proper cellular function and nutrients
    Helps with pigmentation and adaption to varying light
    Helps for exoskeleton of invertebrates
    50ml size
  • Iron
    Helps in zooxanthellae photosynthesis
    Healthy macro algae growth
    Enhanced green colouration in corals
    50ml size
  • Reef KI3
    Blend of potassium iodide and iodine
    Healthy growth of both soft and hard corals
    Enhances blue and violet colours
    Helps macro algae growth
    Adaption to varying light conditions
    Protection from UV
    50ml size
  • Potassium
    Concentrated potassium chloride solution of 150,000ppm.
    Aids in healthy growth of soft and hard corals
    Helps promote the red and pink colouration in corals
    Helps for exoskeleton of invertebrates
    Keep between levels of 380 and 450ppm
    Involved in the biosynthesis of glucose
    50ml size
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